Friday, 7 October 2011

Chai High

I feel like I am on some delectable concoction of valium and ecstasy. I would be content if heroin tasted like this. Something infiltrates the air here. A permanent ether (mist? dust? cloud? smog?) exists between peaks - so dense they look like enlarged bushes: smoke after benediction: the smell contributed by the incense of fruit sellers. It's as if parts of all those other dimensions - dreamt up by science and science fiction - otherwise invisible to us, are leaking out to share our puny existence. The physical manifestation of some God character or divine presence inhabiting our realm.

Animals are plentiful and roam the roads and alleys as if they are lords.
Garden of Eden. Calves nothing more than fur and bone sniff you curiously like care free dogs. Monkeys go about their monkey business- picking fleas and chewing bananas. People make way for nature here. The dogs are daubed with red bindis between their eyes. 

I am on an acid trip, spiritual high. Cliche, but true. Everything is meaningful. I lock eyes and smiles with swamis and reflect back their warmth. Nothing can touch me.
I no longer walk. I drift, ebb, flow and float. I can feel my soul swelling in my chest and it pulls in others. I am handed a beautiful fan made of peacock feathers in exchange for a one or two pictures of me and a few handshakes. 

Arcadia, halcyon, nectar, honey are words that spring to mind. I want to smile and say hello to everyone I see. I do. Glorious chai high. I am sticky with secretions and dirty with dust but it makes it all the sweeter.
I feel as if I could go without food or any other physical gratification for ever, if only I am drip fed this essence from now on. All the nutrition I can ever need delivered intravenously. 

Lying back in Savasana I enter the half world between the banks of sleep and wake and sail away on trips, swimming through space and time warps. A plug inserted into the socket of my brain, leaving my body behind. 

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